I find it really funny that my mom has always encouraged me to dress more like a lady, but still disapproves of shirts that show a moderate amount of clevage.

I showed her the dress I bought last week. She approved, but her first comment was “Oh, you know how it’d look great? With a shirt underneath!” She insisted that she’s seen a ton of girls wear clothes layered like that, but come on. Come. On. That thing will look hideous with anything underneath.

I don’t know why she does that. We’re not prudes in my family, at all. Maybe she hasn’t processed that I’m a grown woman yet, so she finds the idea of me wearing anything vaguely provocative laughable.

He’s half man, half gun.

He’s half man, half gun.

I just saw someone with the number 96 in their username, and I thought “hahaha, that can’t be their birth year, right?”

And then I counted from 1996 to 2014 and noticed that this person is 18 years old, and I’m not feeling so good.

I’ve never wanted a private plane or an affordable plane ticket more than now.

Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem


Open letter to people unsure what to make in SFM,

Rare pairings

Well this is kinda unsettling.

Well this is kinda unsettling.

I can’t believe the ikea webpage has a “share to myspace” button but not a “share to tumblr” button.

That me :)


CA2 is my fave Marvel movie because the love interest was a hot black dude

Being completely honest and serious here: Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson share a lot less screen than I thought they would, but let me tell you this: the chemistry between them is amazing.

Under different circumstances, it would definitely be wishful thinking on my part. I’ve shipped characters that barely shared a look in the past, I know how to fabricate things where there are none. That’s part of the fun of shipping.

This, however, was there. You can still not interpret it that way, if you don’t want to. But there is no denying that their screen time felt natural and warm, and that it’s sad they didn’t get more.

I am going to need all the Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson fanfiction in existance now, please.

All of it.

For a moment, during the scene in the kitchen, I thought the winter soldier guy was eating cereal and I wondered if he was Kai Leng’s long lost cousin.

To be fair, his relation with Robert Redford is kinda similar to the one the Illusive Man and Kai Leng had.

I think it would be a living hell.

For me, or for them?

I mean, any average valve server has a guaranteed minimum of 4 Snipers. It would be poetic justice… or something.

I wonder if changing my Steam name to I_Only_Uber_Snipers and playing accordingly would be fun, or frustrating and annoying.