I can’t believe this. I can’t watch nature documentaries with my cat. He actually looks at the screen, he was curious for a while but then he went full on hunting mode. I don’t know if it’s the sounds or if he actually recognizes the movements of the animals as… well, animals. But he gets alert enough to sit and watch, and even jump on the motherfucking table. The hell is wrong with him, damn.


i eat tf hate blogs for breakfast

without any milk

You are correct but I know that the sound files in most games are pre mixed. Some games do use engine mixers to alter the sound so it is very much possible.


…alright, it’s the 21st century and I’m feeling optimistic: I’ll put 2 dollars in “blonde white female L’oreal model (because we already did redhead)”

Hell, maybe they’ll even split the appearances between male/female hero, like they attempted to do in Mass Effect 3. I actually think this is the most likely thing that will happen, although I would prefer if they left out the “white dude with stubble” completely and focused on a different one, instead of splitting the attention so as not to hurt the feels of whatever demographic the “white dude with stubble” panders to.


Man Surrounded By Blue and Some Red Walks Towards The Screen: 3


Man Surrounded By Blue and Some Red Walks Towards The Screen: 3

Now that I think about it, it would be plausible to have human, turian and asari playable characters.

You just need a male and female voice actor, and then run the lines through a filter to make the Turian voice, right? I don’t know how complex that would be, but I think it would be doable.

And how cool would that be? Damn.

Wouldn’t it be funny if bioware allowed character customization in the new Mass Effect games like in the old ones, but once again they chose a white hetero dude with a bit of stubble as their posterchild?

Let’s make a betting pool! I’ll put 10$ on “White dude with a bit of stubble”, and 5$ on “Slightly tan dude with a bit of stubble”.

Holy shit, apparently my uncle and my cousin had a fight. As in, with physical violence. I should not laugh but… lol. And I thought that branch of the family couldn’t be more fucked up.

Me reacting to info about the next Mass Effect:

On a completely unrelated note: never open a package of flour in front of a fan.


So they just released a fix that “adjusted” the color palettes to make them more vibrant. This had some… unforeseen consequences.



"I dont like it when hes a nice guy either, id say engies personality is probably more violent than soldiers. His resolution to problems is “use more gun”. Soldier is more coincidentally violent, his instinct is to lash out without acknowledging limitations, while engie will drop the gun and use force off the bat being full aware of limitations. People seem to characterize soldier as a person who gets a soft spot for engie, when its more likely to be the exact other way around. Soldier trying his best to suck up to engie, and engie both taking advantage and feeling sorry about it.

People generally view them as opposites, like

Gentle smart Engie + Hardy reserved Soldier

but its more like

scary tough daddy engie + violent wolf puppy soldier

Theyre a lawful evil and a chaotic neutral.”



Have unusual taunts always been a thing in Team Fortress 2? It’s the first time I see a taunt-only crate and I don’t remember ever hearing about unusual quality taunts. I’m so confused right now.

A hunky female transformer that turns into a truck… is canon?